Exhibitor FAQs


What platform is TCEA using for the virtual conference?

Digitell (digitell.tv)


How long will it take an Exhibitor to upload everything into their booth?

Booth creation time depends upon the desired complexity of a booth and what the Exhibitor is creating. The general time for setup ranges from 20-45 minutes, but we do suggest having your booth complete by January 25.


How many brochures can be uploaded to our expo page?

Unlimited. There is no limit to the number of resources, which can be files or links, but each file does need to be under 300 MB in size.


How many demo/promotional videos can be uploaded to our expo page?

Unlimited. If you have an Enhanced or Premium listing, there is no limit to the amount or length of videos that you can add to your listing. Videos must be from a site such as YouTube or Vimeo, where you can provide an embed code (iframe).


Is there a size limit on the videos an exhibitor can upload?

No size limit because they are embedded links or iframes.


How is the contact information section used?

The contact information section is an address book of company representatives an Exhibitor would like attendees to be able to contact. Anyone added on as a booth contact will have backend access to your booth. All contacts should be company representatives, and you are limited to the amount included with your booth level. Additional may be purchased for $50 per contact.


Can I chat with attendees?

Both Enhanced and Premium listings have a global chat function where attendees can initiate a chat with your booth representatives.


Can the Exhibitor control when the Chat Lobby is open or closed?

Yes. The Chat Lobby feature allows attendees to chat virtually with an Exhibitor. This feature can be turned on or off by the Exhibitor in the Booth Management section. Chatting is available 24 hours/day during the event days of February 1-6.


How many chat conversations can go on at the same time, and what if several attendees came into the chat room at the same time? How is that managed?

There can be multiple chats at one time. The chat is global, so it’s important to identify who you are by initially stating their name before each message you type. Example: “John Appleseed – I really like what you are presenting here”. This helps to direct conversation and minimize confusion. It is the responsibility of each Exhibitor to establish this protocol with their attendees.


Are there videos that an Exhibitor can watch to understand how to create their virtual booth?

Yes, there is a list of helpful videos at the end of this document.


How does lead generation work, and what information is captured?

As each attendee visits the booth, they have the option to opt-in or out to share their information with the exhibitor. If they stay opted-in, they will appear on the visitor report for that exhibitor. The data is available immediately, and exhibitors can view the visitor report as often as they would like. It can be viewed within the portal or downloaded as an excel sheet. Included in the leads are the attendee’s name, company, title, and email and may identify what specific item was accessed in the resources tab, if applicable.


If an attendee initially opts out of providing their contact information to an Exhibitor but changes their mind, can they then opt back in?

An attendee can opt-in or out at any given time. Attendees may change their preference at the bottom of your booth display to opt-in after initially opting out.


Are there any analytic reports provided?

You will be able to download the visitor’s report, chat, and who has downloaded your resources. 


How is our exhibitor listing being promoted?

We have implemented gamification for the attendees allowing them to complete different tasks to move up the leaderboard and win prizes. Some examples of challenges are attending an exhibitor session, visiting an exhibitor’s booth, chatting with a booth rep, or requesting a meeting. We are also providing dedicated virtual exhibit hall hours, and we are sending alerts reminding attendees of those hours. We also encourage exhibitors to create unique drivers to your booth including, but not limited to, door prizes, promotional products, and incentives to connect with you. Additional marketing opportunities are available here to drive engagement.


Will there be a pre-or post-registration list available?

TCEA offers both the pre-registration and post-registration mailing list for purchase. The list includes attendees that did not opt-out, and it does not include emails. You can find the attendee list order form in the exhibitor services kit or contact [email protected].


1:1 Meeting Request


Can an Exhibitor request a 1:1 meeting with an attendee?

No, Exhibitors cannot request 1:1 meetings with attendees. The 1:1 meeting request must be made by an attendee to the Exhibitor VIP/Main POC. We encourage you to include incentives for attendees in the text of your booth to help create engagement for items such as 1:1 meetings.


Who manages the 1:1 Meeting Scheduler in the Exhibit booth?

The 1:1 Meeting Scheduler can only be managed by the VIP or main booth contact. Other booth contacts will not be able to manage the 1:1 Meeting Scheduler but may join in on the conversation if the host shares zoom access information with them.


Will there be a training video to help Exhibitors learn how to use the 1:1 meeting scheduler?

Yes, there are video links at the end of this document.


Virtual Showcase Zoom Meeting


What is an exhibitor virtual showcase?

An exhibitor virtual showcase is a live Zoom room embedded in your virtual booth that holds up to 100 participants. Attendees visit your booth and click the “Join Meeting” tab to attend the session. Premium exhibitors may schedule up to three 1-hour virtual showcases during February 1-5. You may purchase additional showcases at $500 each.


What is the day/time for the Virtual Showcase Zoom Meeting?

Those with a Premium Booth Listing will receive a form to complete where you can select your days and times for your virtual showcase sessions. 


Does the Exhibitor manage the 1-hour Zoom Meeting? If not, who does?

Premium Exhibitors will have a VIP or main booth contact that will be able to start Virtual Showcase Zoom Meeting. All Contacts entered into the Contacts Directory have the ability to manage the Virtual showcase meeting if they are permitted by the Main Point of Contact (requires a special login).


Can Exhibitors set up the 1-Hour Zoom Meeting to mute participants upon entry?

Yes. Exhibitors can mute participants upon entry (similar to a regular Zoom call): Select “Participants” on the Zoom Bar, then “More,” then “Opt-In,” then “Mute Participants upon Entry”.


Can Exhibitors mute participants during the Virtual Showcase to ensure a quiet meeting?

Yes. Hover your cursor over the participant you want to mute, then click “mute”.


Steps to prevent participant pop-ins from interrupting the Virtual Showcase:

  • Mute participants upon entry.
  • Make sure “Play Enter/Exit Chime” is not checked. (Go to Zoom Bar, then “Participants,” then “More,” then turn off “Play Enter/Exit Chime”)
  • Select “Enable Wait Room” — this will allow Exhibitors to choose who they want to allow access into the 1-Hour Zoom meeting. (Go to Zoom Bar, then “Security,” then select “Enable Wait Room”)
  • Select “Lock Meeting” — this will allow Exhibitors to lock the meeting so no more attendees will be able to enter. (Go to Zoom Bar, then “Security,” then select “Lock Meeting”)


Can Exhibitors control who comes into the 1-Hour Zoom Meeting (i.e. keep out competitors)?

Select “Enable Wait Room” — this will allow Exhibitors to choose who they want to allow access into the Virtual Showcase. (Go to Zoom Bar, then “Security” then select “Enable Wait Room”)


Can Exhibitors make their 1-Hour Zoom meeting by-invitation-only?



How does Q&A work during a Virtual Showcase?

That is up to the Exhibitor. A general suggestion is to have meeting attendees type their questions into the Zoom chat to avoid an excess of people trying to talk at once.


Exhibitors can promote their 1-Hour Zoom Meeting:

  • On the Overview Page of their virtual Expo booth: Opus>My Account Page>Select>My Directory Profile>Select Their Booth>Click Enter>Manage>Information> Description box
  • In the Showcase Description: Opus>My Account Page>Select >My Directory Profile>Select Their Booth>Click Enter>Manage>Information>Scroll to bottom>Input Information in the Virtual Showcase Description box.
  • Exhibitors can add their own text + pictures there, with calls to action to help promote their meetings.
  • All Exhibitor Showcase sessions will be listed on a dedicated page to help attendees locate them more easily.


Are Virtual Showcases recorded?

They can be recorded, and it is up to the discretion and exhibitor company policies — select: Zoom Bar, then “Record,” then “Record to This Computer”. Do not select “Record to the Cloud” or you will not receive the recording. When you select “Record to This Computer,” the recording file will save to the Exhibitor’s computer files. A pop-up will appear after the meeting, converting the recorded file to the Exhibitor’s computer. You may upload into your own video housing system and use the iframe code to embed the recording into your booth. You must notify attendees that the showcase is being recorded prior to doing so.


Are analytics for Zoom Meetings available (who attended, Q&A, contact information for follow-up)?

No, but TCEA can report on the total number of participants you had upon request.


Zoom Meeting – can the speaker be the person who runs the recording, allow folks in, or does that have to be the VIP/Main booth contact?

The Main Point of Contact can start the Zoom Meeting or any other Contact who has been permitted to perform the functions of the recording in the Zoom meeting could record.


Can the Zoom meetings be pre-recorded?

No, all Zoom meetings are LIVE.




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