Exhibiting at TCEA 2025

Boost Your Visibility with a Booth

Want to expand your reach and maximize your impact in education? Yeah?
You love supporting educators and impacting learning. It’s why you do what you do.

Be at the 2025 TCEA Convention and Exposition in Austin, Texas. 
As the largest nonprofit ed tech association in the United States, we know how to throw a conference.
And we’ve been doing it for over 44 years.

Increase your visibility, generate leads, build relationships with the educators you support, and be that brand all the attendees are talking about (in a good way) when you team up with TCEA.

Booth sales will open May 2024.


Benefits of Being an Exhibitor.

There’s a lot to gain from being an exhibitor at TCEA’s Convention & Exposition. Here’s just a taste of what you can expect to get out of your experience and some of the reasons why exhibitors come back to TCEA each year.


  • Expand your visibility on social media. Attendees will be posting on multiple platforms about your demos, your products, and your brand. It’s free marketing!
  • Connect face-to-face with your current clients. Deepening current relationships leads to increased client satisfaction and expanded word-of-mouth promotion.
  • Increase your leads. Meet people who are interested in your services and want you to contact them about your products, events, and promotions.
  • Boost your progress toward sales goals. With each new lead and connection, you’re one step closer to reaching your goals. And everyone wants to meet their goals, right?
  • Meet high-quality attendees. With thousands of educators and leaders in attendance, you’ll connect with some of the best in the field. And you know they’re serious.
  • Let your competition see you. Don’t lose your hold on the market by not showing up. If you’re not there, your competitors will be.
  • Connect with your fellow exhibitors. It’s not all about competition, though. Get to know other exhibitors and have valuable conversations about how you’re supporting educators.
  • Interact with press and media. TCEA’s media partnerships provide a unique opportunity to catch the eye of various members of the press, which can lead to more brand awareness and far-reaching visibility.

Who You’ll Meet at TCEA…

As an exhibitor at TCEA’s Convention & Exposition, you’ll have the opportunity to get in front of thousands of educators and decision-makers interested in finding solutions, discovering new products, and learning more about the latest and greatest in ed tech.

Here’s an idea of who you’ll connect with at TCEA:

  • 11% of attendees have Exhibit Only Badges. So they come just to see you.
  • 62% of attendees have over 10 years of experience in education. They know what’s up. And they’re looking to know more.
  • 20% of attendees are in leadership roles in education settings. They’ve got some decision-making power!

And the Exhibit Hall is always an attendee favorite. We hear about it every single year in our post-conference feedback. (Seriously. Every year.)

The exhibit hall was amazingly unreal!


Who Exhibits at TCEA’s Convention

Be one of the more than 450 leading companies in the educational technology industry that showcase their products and services in our exhibit hall. They do it because they know they’ll see a return on their investment that’s well worth it.

Major categories represented at TCEA include:

  • Accessibility Technology & Tools
  • Administrative Technology Solutions
  • Assessment For Learning 
  • Classroom Management
  • Computer Hardware
  • Curriculum and Content Publishing 
  • Furniture
  • Game-Based Learning
  • Interactive Tools & Solutions
  • IT Solutions: Data Management & Storage
  • IT Solutions: Device Management
  • IT Solutions: Networking & Security
  • IT Solutions: Remote & Cloud Computing
  • Library and Media Technology
  • Mobile Learning Solutions
  • Non-Technology and Novelty (Attire, Gifts, Personal-use Products)
  • Printers & Peripherals
  • Professional Development & Associations
  • Security & Risk Management
  • STEM Products & Services
  • Telecommunication Solutions
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