Volunteer at TCEA 2024

Why Volunteer at TCEA 2024?

At the moment, we’ve reached our limit for complimentary volunteer registrations. Join our waitlist to be notified if we receive a cancellation. Or you can sign up to volunteer for one-block shift!

Convention volunteer helping an attendee wearing a virtual reality headset.

The Benefits and Perks of Volunteering at TCEA24

As a volunteer, you enjoy:

  • Free Full Registration: Once approved, get a complimentary full registration (up to $349!) when you fulfill two, 4.5 hour volunteer blocks.
  • An Exclusive Volunteer T-Shirt: Receive a free, exclusive t-shirt available only to dedicated volunteers.
  • Daily Prize Opportunities: You’ll be entered into daily drawings, just for volunteers, and get a chance to win a $50 Amazon gift card.
  • Reserved Session Access: Enjoy guaranteed admittance into sessions held in your assigned room.
  • Meeting the Speakers: Get to know and interact with the speakers who present in your assigned room.
  • A Behind-the-Scenes Experience: Get an insider’s view of TCEA 2024.
  • Personal Fulfillment: Experience the satisfaction of helping support fellow TCEA attendees as they navigate the event.

Volunteer Process

Here’s how it works:

  1. Register for TCEA 2024 and Apply to Volunteer. Register and select the Invoice option for payment. Then, sign up to lend your support!
  2. Receive Your Approval Email: You’ll be notified that you’re approved to volunteer by email.
  3. Receive Your $0 Balance Email: Once approved, you’ll get an email showing you owe $0 for your registration.
  4. Arrive at TCEA 2024: Grab your badge at registration. Then, visit the volunteer booth to verify your volunteer assignment details and pick up some goodies!
  5. Get Your Volunteer On: Head over to your assigned room at your scheduled time(s).

Your Volunteer Responsibilities

As a volunteer, here’s what you’ll do:

  1. Facilitate Attendee Entry. Assist with scanning attendees into sessions in your room.
  2. Manage Capacity. Monitor the room capacity and close the room if capacity is reached.
  3. Manage Session Timing. Give the speaker(s) a 5-minute warning before each session ends.
  4. Wrap-Up the Session. Clear out the room at the end of each session.
  5. Seek Assistance. Call for support, if needed.

What our volunteers have to say:

TCEA Volunteer and Member: Alyce
TCEA Volunteer and Member: Norma showing us the convention mobile app.
TCEA Volunteer and Member: Clay

Meet Alyce

“TCEA 2023 was Alyce’s first time attending and volunteering at TCEA. I decided to volunteer because the reputation of the conference is synonymous with excellence in technology,” says Wheeler. “I also love to spread cheer and excitement for technology, and I thought this would be a great avenue for me to share my enthusiasm with others.” Wheeler encourages anyone and everyone to volunteer. “Just do it! Come enjoy the conference by meeting the presenters, seeing how something so amazing is put together, and partaking in the camaraderie!”

Meet Norma

TCEA 2023 marked Norma’s 21st TCEA Convention & Exposition, and she’s volunteered at 14. Meeting people at TCEA as a volunteer has been the catalyst for some big-time decisions for her. “Volunteering at TCEA is why I’m currently a doctoral student in EDCI/ed tech,” she said. She loves TCEA, especially the TCEA Convention & Exposition. “This is a place where everyone is appreciated and respected for what they bring to the table. Volunteer!” she continued. “You will wind up getting more for your invested time and interest than you could ever imagine!”

Meet Clay

“I’ve attended TCEA three times – in 2019, 2020, and 2023,” he said. And TCEA 2023 was his second time attending as a volunteer. “If you have the opportunity to volunteer, I would say to do it,” Godby said. One thing he appreciates about volunteering is getting to attend sessions he may not have otherwise considered. “Once I’ve volunteered, [the sessions are] a surprise. And I can use all the information I gather,” he said. As an instructional technology specialist, he says, “I’m excited to collect information and resources that I can forward on to my teachers to enhance students’ learning.”

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