Call for Presenters

Open April 1 through June 3, 2024.

Shine and share at TCEA 2025!

TCEA is a nonprofit association that’s dedicated to breaking down barriers in education so that every student learns to the max.

We’re amplifying the voices of innovative educators and leaders from all academic disciplines and levels in the field who are working toward this mission – limitless learning.

We provide the platform at TCEA’s Convention & Exposition, and we’re interested in your presentation ideas!

Support other educators by sharing your experience, successes, and knowledge at TCEA 2025 – one of the largest, most exciting, energizing, and rewarding ed tech conferences in the U.S.

Why present at TCEA 2025?

  • Be a part of transforming education.
    Facilitate aha moments that are game-changing for school communities, student learning, and the future of education.
  • Position yourself as a leader.
    Build your brand and PLN by networking with incredible educators, presenters, and vendors.
  • Collaborate with other educators!
    It’s the perfect time to share ideas, get feedback on your presentation skills, and brainstorm new projects.
  • Stay “in the know.”
    Learn about trends you’ve not yet discovered and hear about products and updates that are being announced by vendors during TCEA!
  • Attend the event for just $99!
    Primary presenters attend TCEA at a discounted rate. That’s pretty fantastic.
  • Experience TCEA by day, and tacos and tourism by night!
    Have a great time with your TCEA friends in one of the most vibrant, musical, and delicious cities in the world.

The TCEA Presenter Timeline

April – July
  1. Read the “Before Submitting” information carefully.
  2. Submit your application by June 3.
  3. Your submission will go through a blind review selection process by a committee of educators.
August – November
  1. Receive your acceptance or regret email in August 2024.
  2. If accepted, verify your (and any co-presenter) information is correct and complete your presenter contract.
  3. Register for TCEA 2025 by the deadline in your acceptance email.
December – January
  1. Prepare your presentation and presentation materials.
  2. Keep an eye out for important email updates!
  3. Provide handouts, materials, and your presentation slides in advance.
Feb. 1-5
  1. Come to TCEA 2025 in Austin, Texas, and present your heart out.

Read this before submitting.

Here’s everything you need to know before you click Submit on your presentation application. Read carefully to be sure you have what you need to complete the process! You will not be submitting your entire presentation at this time, just your presentation ideas.

Need to finish your application later? You can click Save and Continue Later, so don’t fret! Feel free to get started and come back later to finish up before June 3, 2024.

Want to submit multiple ideas? You’ll need to submit a new form for each idea you’re proposing. Just click Submit to Present and use the same email address each time.

1. Provide your presenter information.

You will have several opportunities before the event to verify, edit, and add to your information. The following is required in order to submit:

  • Your first name
  • Last name
  • Email
  • Cell phone
  • School district/company

NOTE: Your contact information will not be shared with attendees, but they can contact you through the TCEA App.

You may provide links to your social media and websites, a brief, 4-6 sentence biography, and a headshot photo to complete your presenter profile.

2. Choose your presentation format.

One of the great things about TCEA’s Convention & Exposition is the variety of formats available to attendees. Take a look at the options and determine which best fits your presentation.

Panel Discussion (90 min)
Gather a diverse group of 3-4 of your favorite peers, colleagues, and experts from different districts and positions to form a panel covering a certain topic, theme, or issue. Ask the panel questions, coordinate a Q&A with attendees, and everyone leaves with a broader perspective.
Presenter-Led Session (60 and 90 minute)
Offer attendees the best in professional learning by presenting new ideas, strategies, research, tools, tips, or tricks to enhance their work. While interaction and practice during sessions are encouraged, the primary goal is to provide attendees with a broad overview and supporting resources.
Poster Fair

Create a display with demonstration materials, student work, manipulatives, and other artifacts using a provided table and bulletin board. Interact with attendees and offer them resources as they explore your display and walk through the fair to discover new things to try in their own educational setting. More information about the poster fair can be found here.

Learning Lab (90 minute and 3 hour)
Whether it’s building robots, discovering the ins and outs of a web tool, coding, or learning an augmented/virtual reality tool, in learning labs, attendees learn by doing! These experience-based sessions offer extended time for interactivity and in-depth exploration.

3. Write an amazing title, short description, and detailed description.

Take a look at these helpful tips, suggestions, and guidelines for writing your title and description.

4. Choose up to two topics.

Before submitting, familiarize yourself with all the presentation topics available. Please only select topics in your application that directly relate to your presentation.

Topics to choose from:


Advocacy / Educational Policy / Funding


Artificial Intelligence

Assessment and Data

Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality / Mixed Reality

Blended / Personalized Learning

Career and Technical Education (CTE)


Coding / Computational Thinking

Computer Science

Cybersafety / Security

Digital Tools for Learning

Digital Literacy

Diversity and Inclusion

Early Childhood and Young Learners




Gifted and Talented


Information Technology / Technical Support

Innovation in Higher Education


Library Media / Media Integration


Mental Health and Wellness



Professional Learning

Research and Best Practices in Teaching and Learning



Social Studies

Special Needs



Virtual Learning

5. Add your co-presenters.

If you will have co-presenters working with you, you can add them at the end of the application. You may include up to and no more than four co-presenters per submission. Be sure to gather your co-presenter’s name(s), job title, company name, and email address. Your co-presenter(s) can log into the system at a later date to complete optional information themselves.

You’re ready. You got this.

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