Presenting at TCEA.

The submission window has closed. Please contact [email protected] for late submission consideration.

Why present at TCEA 2023?

Why not! Here are five great reasons. 

  • Support hundreds of educators by sharing something that works for you and could work for them. 
  • Ultimately, have a positive impact on students that will be far-reaching.
  • Build your brand and meet educators who you will look forward to seeing year after year at TCEA.
  • Attend the event for a reduced rate. (Primary presenters receive a full conference badge for just $99!)
  • Be a BIG part of what makes TCEA so great. (Attendees come for the fantastic content presented by YOU.) 

Here’s how it works.

  1. Read the “Before Submitting” information carefully.
  2. The deadline to submit your application has passed. Please contact [email protected] for late submission consideration.
  3. All submissions go through a blind-review selection process by committee.
  4. Acceptance emails are sent to selected presenters in August 2022.
  5. Presenters and co-presenters are asked to verify all their information and register for TCEA 2023 by November 4, 2022 (co-presenters do not qualify for reduced registration).
  6. Keep an eye out for important email updates. You will be asked to provide handouts, materials, and your presentation slides in advance.
  7. Come to TCEA 2023 in San Antonio, Texas, and present your heart out.

Read this before submitting.

Here’s everything you need to know to click the “Submit” button on your presentation application. So read carefully to be sure you have what you need to complete the process. You will have the opportunity to Save and Continue Later, so don’t fret! You can get started and come back to it. Want to submit multiple ideas? No problem. To submit more, just click Submit to Present and complete a new form using your email address. You will have to submit a new form for each idea you’d like to submit.

Provide your presenter information.

The only information required to submit is your first name, last name, email, work phone, cell phone, school district/company, and address. You may provide links to your social media and websites, a brief, 4-6 sentence biography, and a headshot photo to complete your presenter profile. Your contact information will not be shared with attendees. You will have several opportunities before the event to verify and edit your information.

Choose your presentation format.

One of the great things about TCEA’s Convention & Exposition is the variety of formats available to attendees. Take a look at the options and determine which best fits your presentation.

Panel Discussion (60 minute or 90 minute)

A diverse group of three to five people (including a moderator) from different positions or districts present their views on a common theme, issue, question, or topic. In this format, there is interaction between presenters and attendees through discussion and question and answer. The goal of panel discussions is for attendees to further understand and evaluate a topic by hearing expert views and getting questions answered.

Roundtable Discussion (60 minute or 90 minute)

Presenters take on the role of discussion moderators for attendees informally discussing a specific topic. During these informal sessions, presenters encourage active participation, discussion, question and answer, and sharing of best practices, experiences, and perspectives related to the topic. Roundtable discussions aim to find solutions, connect educators, and give insight into what has worked and what hasn’t worked for others.

Hands-On Experience (90 minutes, 3 hour, or 6 hour)

These sessions are meant to provide an in-depth review of content. This learning goes deeper than the regular session by providing an in-depth review of the topic and interaction with related tools, platforms, content, or strategies. The goal of hands-on experiences is for attendees to receive practical, research-based information and resources and get enough experience to get started with implementation.

Sessions (60 minute or 90 minute)

In this lecture-style presentation, with time for interaction between presenters and the audience, presentations are about proven strategies, research-based academic or professional projects, and/or technology-based instruction based on the presenter’s experience. The goal of a learning session is for attendees to walk away with helpful knowledge, ideas, and/or resources to apply in their professional setting.

Poster Session (2 hours)

Think of a mini-exhibit hall with educators set up at tables with displays explaining and demonstrating projects they’ve worked on in their school or district. Poster session presenters are set up in a large room with other simultaneous poster sessions. Attendees casually walk through the room, exploring each table, interacting with presenters, and eagerly looking for things they can try in their own school setting. Poster sessions are scheduled for two-hour time frames. And each time frame is based on a certain theme– like STEAM or Library. Presenters are encouraged to bring manipulatives, displays for their table and board, demonstration materials, resources to give out, and student work to show attendees. During poster sessions, attendees interact directly with the presenters to ask questions and see demonstrations in a casual atmosphere. More information about poster sessions can be found here.

Exhibitor Showcase (60 minute)

In these sessions, exhibiting companies provide a more in-depth explanation of their products and services in a non-sales atmosphere. If you’re a TCEA 2023 exhibitor and you would like to have scheduled time for attendees to further explore what you offer, this is the format for you. Submissions for exhibitor showcase sessions open in late October 2022 with the release of the Exhibitor Services Kit.

Write an Amazing Title, Short Description, and Detailed Description.

Download this handy infographic for tips on how to write an “Attention-Grabbing” session proposal.

Choose a primary topic and up to Six supporting topics.

Before submitting, familiarize yourself with all the presentation topics available. Please only select topics in your application that directly relate to your presentation. It’s ok to only choose one topic, but you can select up to six.

Topics to choose from:


Advocacy and Educational Policy


Assessment and Data

Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality / Mixed Reality

Blended / Personalized Learning


Coding/Computational Thinking

Computer Science


Curriculum Design


Device Implementation and Management

Digital Literacy

Diversity and Inclusion

Early Childhood and Young Learners





Future Ready


Gifted and Talented


Information Technology/Technical Support



Learning Spaces

Library Media / Media Integration






Professional Development/Digital Badging

Research and Best Practices in Learning



Social-Emotional Learning

Social Studies

Special Needs



Student Voice/Choice

Technology Applications


Virtual Learning

Young Professionals

Adding Co-Presenters.

If you will have co-presenters working with you, you can add them at the end of the application. You may include up to and no more than four co-presenters per submission. Be sure to gather your co-presenter(‘s) name, job title, company name, and email address. Your co-presenter(s) can log into the system at a later date to complete optional information themselves.

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