About TCEA’s Convention

Discover limitless possibilities with other passionate educators.

Who is TCEA?

As the largest nonprofit ed tech association in the United States, we’ve been working with educators and legislators for over 40 years to eliminate the barriers in education.

We’re dedicated to advancing teaching and learning through the use of technology, because we want to make learning possible for every student. How? Through a combination of advocacy, professional learning, and community offered through TCEA membership

Everyone who attends a TCEA event gets a TCEA membership with their registration. The best part? Membership renews for free each year. (Yeah. We seriously want every educator to enjoy the benefits of TCEA, so membership is free– forever.)

What is the TCEA Convention & Exposition?

The TCEA Convention & Exposition is our biggest and brightest professional development event of the year. We’ve been putting on this educational conference for 43 years, and we can tell you straight up– it’s a powerful experience.


Is this an ed tech conference?

It’s so much more.

At TCEA, thousands of educators from around the world come together to connect, learn, and cultivate their craft. Our focus isn’t just on ed tech, it’s on good teaching, good leading, and good learning with ed tech.

Who attends TCEA?

TCEA’s Convention & Exposition attracts educators in every role in the field. Because we provide content for every educator.

At TCEA, you’ll find sessions that apply to:

  • Elementary, secondary, special education, gifted and talented, STEAM, and ESL teachers
  • Instructional coaches, digital learning coaches, curriculum coordinators, and innovative learning specialists
  • Superintendents and district leaders, principals, assistant principals, campus leaders, and librarians and media specialists
  • Chief technology officers, technology directors, IT support specialists, technology integrators, technology coordinators
  • Educators in career and technical education and higher education

Why do educators love it?

Attendees come back to this conference year after year. Because they know they can expect to hear speakers who inspire, gather a ton of useful resources and strategies, meet vendors who will introduce them to possibilities and solutions, and have plenty of time to connect with other amazing educators.

TCEA provides a transformative experience you won’t forget. We’ll see you in 2024.

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