Equipment and Software


Depending on the presentation format, the equipment in rooms may vary. If your presentation requires participants to follow along in a specific software or application, please make sure you have included that in your presentation description.

Important: Presenters must bring their own devices with the required software for presentations. Peripheral devices such as printers, scanners, cameras, and other specialized hardware are the responsibility of the presenter. This includes connectors such as Mac or tablet adapters.
Presentation Sessions

Rooms 205, 210AB, 211, 213AB-214D, 217A-217D, 221B-221D, 223, 225C, Stars at Night Ballrooms

Presentation rooms include a data projector with HDMI cable, 16:9 format screen, voice-amplifying system for two presenters, and computer audio output. Presenters and participants will have access to the wireless network.

Presentation Panels

Rooms 212AB and 225B

Room includes a data projector with HDMI cable, 16:9 format screen, voice amplifying system with three table microphones, table and barstools for five panelists, and computer audio output. Presenters and participants will have access to the wireless network.


Rooms 301A-305

Workshop rooms include a data projector with HDMI cable, 16:9 format screen, voice amplifying system for two presenters, and computer audio output. Presenters and participants will have access to the wireless network. Electrical is provided to the presenter table and front half of the room.

Important Note Regarding Hands-on Participation: Presenters and participants are expected to bring their own device(s) with required software and/or applications. Participants are asked to have software pre-installed prior to arrival so the workshop can start on time with all prepared. If you did not include the necessary equipment, software, or application details in your presentation description, please contact immediately.

Poster Sessions

All poster sessions occur in the Tower View Lobby of the Convention Center. Each poster session will be provided with a 6’ x 42” table, 24” monitor with HDMI cable, barstool, a 38” x 87” floor standing bulletin board to which you can attach any flyers and/or handouts, and power. Presenters should bring their own devices and supplies with the required software for presentations. TCEA will not be able to store any items for your session before or after your session.

For more information about TCEA’s Poster Sessions, click here.

Special Equipment Requests

Additional equipment may be provided only to presenters who request them in advance and is the responsibility of the presenter. Any special needs or requests may be sent to for consideration.

Internet Access

Wireless internet is available throughout the presentation rooms and public areas.  You may experience delays when streaming video, downloading large files, and/or updating software. TCEA recommends all presenters connect to the dedicated presenter wireless network, which will provide you with consistent bandwidth to present successfully. More information, including the network password, will be provided to you prior to Convention.

Presenters and participants are expected to prepare in advance including, but not limited to, downloading and saving video files rather than streaming, pre-installing required software, and attending presentations with a charged device.


Important Note Regarding Personal Hotspots
There are an estimated 40,000+ devices online at Convention. We have worked diligently to ensure there are only minimal delays in connectivity, but challenges may arise. To help us resolve any matters quickly and to eliminate disruptions, please do not connect to your personal MyFi devices. These affect the network, slowing things down for everyone.

Technical Support

Technical support will not be provided for personal computers or other equipment brought in for your presentation. We will have a Tech Support desk to provide guidance for troubleshooting.

Important Notes:

  • TCEA provides wide screens in all meeting rooms. Please prepare your presentation to appropriately fill the screen in a 16:9 format.
  • Adhering to the wall or rearranging the furniture is NOT permitted by the Convention Center.
  • Periscoping or live streaming sessions or keynotes is not permitted.
  • Apple TV and mobile hotspots are not permitted.
  • HDMI adapters (or dongles) are not provided. Presenters who need these will be expected to bring their own. Please be aware that TCEA no longer provides VGA connections.


Presenters and participants are responsible for their own device and pre-installing required software to complete tasks during each presentation. The Tech Support Team will provide limited access to download trial software. Please be aware that software downloads will take a good amount of time and bandwidth to complete. Presenters and participants should plan ahead to pre-download the necessary software or visit the Tech Support desk well in advance of the session. Session time will not be utilized to download software, apps, or other required items.

Session Rooms and Capacities

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Room Setup Type Capacity
205 Rounds 112
210AB Theater 174
211 Theater 125
212AB Theater 196
213AB Rounds 110
214A Theater 240
214B Theater 209
214C Theater 209
214D Theater 237
217A Theater 307
217B Theater 201
217C Theater 201
217D Theater 305
221B Theater 177
221C Theater 176
221D Theater 254
223 Theater 89
225B Theater 160
225C Theater 159
301A Banquet 80
301B Classroom 97
301C Classroom 93
302A Classroom 97
302B Classroom 97
302C Classroom 93
303A Classroom 86
303B Classroom 82
303C Classroom 82
304A Classroom 93
304B Classroom 93
304C Classroom 89
305 Classroom 101
Stars at Night Ballroom B1 Theater and Rounds 600
Stars at Night Ballroom B2/B3 Theater and Rounds 733
Stars at Night Ballroom B4 Theater and Rounds 600
Hemisfair Ballroom C1 Rounds, couches, and cocktail tables 170

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