Drive marketing goals that align with your corporate purpose.

TCEA convention sponsors enjoy the visibility, recognition, and access to convention attendees. Benefits are provided throughout the convention with online exposure, digital visibility, and face-to-face opportunities. Sponsors receive added benefits, which are an invaluable investment in gaining wide-spread recognition and increased access to decision-makers.


Drive marketing goals that align with your corporate purpose.

TCEA convention sponsors enjoy the visibility, recognition, and access to convention attendees. Benefits are provided throughout the convention with online exposure, digital visibility, and face-to-face opportunities. Sponsors receive added benefits, which are an invaluable investment in gaining wide-spread recognition and increased access to decision-makers.

Convention Sponsorship Opportunities

Choose among these out-of-the-box sponsorships or contact us for customized opportunities, designed specifically to drive marketing goals and align with your corporate purpose.

Non-exhibiting companies may become a sponsor but will be assessed a $1,500 non-exhibiting penalty. Packages over $4,000 may become available to non-exhibiting companies without penalty. Contact us for more details.

Select your marketing goal(s) to review the sponsorship opportunities applicable:

Overall Exposure

Reach attendees through brand awareness, identity, and multiple touchpoints.


Sponsor a presentation room, a session topic, or a speaker.

High Visibility

Focus your sponsorship on a specific event or role within the convention.

Visible Sponsorship

Use your sponsorship in ways that get in front of all our attendees.

In-Kind Opportunities

Showcase your product by utilizing equipment used during TCEA 2021.

Marketing Packages

Find a marketing option to drive traffic and exposure to your presence at TCEA 2021.

Full Event Sponsorship

Become a Full Event Sponsor


The overall event sponsor is an exclusive sponsorship opportunity available to support every aspect of the event. Through maximum exposure in every aspect, including but not limited to, premium sponsorship, virtual sponsorship, and year-round visibility in all TCEA flagship events and included as an annual TCEA partner. Contact Meaghan Rhame if your company is interested in becoming a full event sponsor and year-round TCEA partner.

Premium Sponsors Categories

We are offering multiple tiers of premium sponsorships. Choose the one that best fits with goals your company hopes to accomplish during TCEA 2021.

À La Carte Sponsorship Opportunities

Initiative-Focused Sponsorships



Exclusive access to a premium booth listing to host presentations in conjunction with Convention programming. The cost includes a premium booth listing with as many presentations which coincide with the 2021 virtual schedule and a listing of each presentation in the online session listing and agenda.


Sponsor one of TCEA’s 2021 Featured Presenters, receiving recognition at each scheduled presentation led by the speaker. This opportunity includes a chance to address the audience for one selected presentation, not to exceed two minutes, as well as introduce the speaker to the audience. Speaker is to be contracted and selected by TCEA.

On-Demand Exhibitor Showcase


Provide a pre-recorded exhibitor showcase session available to attendees to provide you with the greatest exposure to the full audience. Attendees will engage with your presentation in a self-paced atmosphere.

$15,000 (exclusive) or $8,000 (co-sponsor)

Sponsor networking events and initiatives provided throughout the 2021 TCEA Convention & Exposition by exclusively or co-sponsoring attendee networking. TCEA has worked to provide personal and genuine networking connections and we hope you’ll partner with us to do just that! Exclusive sponsors will have the opportunity to address the audience for up to 3 minutes at all dedicated networking hours. Co-sponsors may address the audience for up to one minute. In addition, you will be provided with two seats to join networking events, a dedicated lounge space to connect with attendees, the ability to share a video with the audience, and multiple branding opportunities.



Limited opportunity to sponsor education, free to all TCEA members, beyond the dates of the Convention. This event may be held in May 2021 during Teacher Appreciation Week, themed around innovative teaching and learning. Sponsors may present one target presentation and have brand exposure throughout peer-led presentations. Sponsors will receive recognition during the 2021 TCEA Convention & Exposition, as well as verbal and logo recognition and one attendee badge at this event.

Live Virtual Showcase Session


Stretch group customer meetings, educational sessions, or in-booth demos beyond those included with your Premium virtual booth listing. Pricing is provided for each additional virtual showcase beyond the three included with your booth.

High Visibility Event Sponsorships


$4,000 EACH

This sponsorship provides a great opportunity for brand awareness with a dedicated audience. The sponsor will receive recognition at the event, the opportunity to address the audience for approximately two minutes, and the opportunity to provide an item to place in each of the seats. Additional logo placement and brand exposure includes logo attached to keynote session listing, logo on live keynote player, opportunity to provide digital brochure(s), and opportunity to co-write post-keynote email sent to each attendee.

Gamification/Badge Sponsor (Limited Availability)


Sponsor a digital badge the full audience accessing the virtual event platform will use when earning points and prizes during the TCEA 2021 Virtual Convention Game. This custom badge will not only provide brand exposure, but drive the full audience to engage in your virtual exhibit booth, resulting in lead generation.

Note: Only available to virtual exhibitors with Enhanced or Premium listing.



Each year, TCEA presents awards and scholarships to technology educators who go above and beyond the call of duty. A special event is held to honor award finalists and their accomplishments and to announce the winners for each educator award category: High Impact Teacher of the Year, Librarian/Media Specialist of the Year, Technical Support Person of the Year, Instructional Technology Specialist of the Year, District or Campus Administrator of the Year, Technology Administrator of the Year, School Board of the Year, and Lifetime Achievement for the Advancement of Technology in Education. Benefits include three tickets to the event, the opportunity to address the group for five minutes, and signage at the event.

Featured Presentation


Sponsor one of TCEA’s 2021 featured presentations, live streaming to the virtual conference platform. Receive recognition at one scheduled presentation, to be determined based on sponsor’s preferences. This opportunity includes a chance to provide one 1-minute video ad as well as introduce the speaker to the audience.

IP / V / H

Other High Visibility Sponsorships



A limited number of digital bag insert opportunities are available. You may include an item of your choice in the attendee convention bags. The sponsor is responsible for production of digital inserts or promotional items by the provided deadline. Inserts may include, but are not limited to, virtual booth promotions, company promotions, product discounts, gift cards, and much more. All inserts may contain hyperlinks, but must be provided in PDF format.



Convention scholarships are offered to educators that do not have adequate funding to attend. Funds will cover the cost of a full convention registration plus a stipend for travel. As a Convention Scholarship Sponsor, you will help promote participation and reduce barriers for educators wishing to attend the convention. This sponsorship includes an exclusive invitation to breakfast with the attendees and the opportunity to send an email with special messaging before or after the event.

Virtual Conference Studio (Exclusive Opportunity)


Sponsor TCEA’s 2021 virtual conference studio, where the virtual conference magic happens. Sponsor will receive verbal and brand recognition in the virtual platform, virtual backgrounds and logoed speaker backdrop and/or cling to be displayed in all instances of simu-live presentations, podcasts, and video interviews (estimated 50 instances) during the live event. Sponsor will receive an opportunity to participate in a TCEA podcast interview to be provided to all attendees and TCEA podcast subscribers.

Marketing Opportunities



Submit your event details for listing in the event mobile app. Attendees will be able to preview the information and/or invitation, and you can direct them to visit your booth for details or redirect to a page with more information.

Tweet or FaceBook post about your organization and/or convention participation to TCEA followers before, during, or after the convention. Post/ tweets can include a photo or graphic with text from your organization. One Occurrence: $1,000, Two Occurrences: $1,500, Three Occurrences: $2,250, Additional Occurrences: $750 each
TCEA does not provide email addresses of our attendees. As a Premium Sponsor, you will have the opportunity to send a sponsored email from us. See the Premium Sponsor package for all benefits included.

Pre-Event: $400 | Post-Event: $550
Reach attendees before or after the event through a marketing mailer. This list includes attendees who have opted in to receive mailed correspondence from exhibiting companies. Invite attendees to visit your booth, explore your products or services, or attend an event you’re hosting. TCEA does not provide email addresses for any reason without explicit consent. Exhibitors may receive emails through explicit consent during the event via automated lead generation included with the enhanced or premium booth listing.



Receive the broadest exposure with brand exposure and promotional information included in the daily convention digital newsletter with the highest open rate. One ad to be included in one of six+ Convention dailies distributed to all Convention attendees.

IP / V / H

Virtual Conference Advertising (Limited Availability)


Sponsor may provide a one minute video/ad to be run on the virtual conference platform played before, during, or after live programming. Advertisement will be provided on-demand for self paced education access, providing large-scale visibility for duration of TCEA 2021 access.




Exhibitors may purchase additional exhibiting personnel passes beyond their virtual booth allotment. This price is per contact, and only grants you access to the exhibit booth and not attendee access. Purchase an attendee badge at convention.tcea.org/register for full attendee access to the event.