TCEA 2022 App

Your paperless program and so much more.

The mobile app is your hub for all things TCEA 2022. It is a must-have for every attendee! Whether you are attending in-person, have purchased online packages, or have an Exhibit Hall Only badge, the TCEA 2022 app will provide you with updates, all the information you need, networking opportunities, and more.

Access pre-recorded and on-demand sessions starting February 8 at 12 a.m. You’ll also get to connect with both online and in-person TCEA 2022 attendees! Log in with the email you used to register. We recommend using the desktop version of the app for viewing sessions, so you can use your mobile device for note-taking, social, and connecting with other attendees.

Note: In order to access the event content, you must have registered and fully paid for the event.

Download the App:

Download the app to your device using the appropriate link below, or access using a laptop or desktop. Log in using your registration email address. We recommend using a desktop or laptop when accessing online sessions.

How to use the app:

Log in to the App

  1. You may download the mobile app or access the desktop app using the links in the yellow box above.
    •       In the desktop app: Click the TCEA 2022 Convention & Exposition event tile.
  2. Log in using the email you used for registration.
  3. Once you submit your email address, you will be sent a link via email. Click the link from your email, and you will be taken to the 2022 TCEA Convention & Exposition event.
  4. Click on the event to open.

Note: We highly recommend using the desktop version of the app for livestreaming and on-demand sessions.

Finding a Session

  1. In the app (mobile or desktop), under Plan Your Event, click Schedule.
  2. You may filter and view sessions using multiple categories (e.g. date, category, topic, etc.).

On-Demand Sessions

If you have the full conference badge, or if you purchased the online session package(s), you can view the on-demand sessions by following these steps:

  1. Once logged in using your registration email, under Plan Your Event click Schedule .
  2. To see on-demand sessions:

In the desktop app: Click the filter button and click Show More Filters. Scroll down to Category. Select On-Demand Presentation. Scroll down and click Apply Filters. Click the Show Past Sessions button.

In the mobile app: Click the filters button. Scroll down to Categories and select On-Demand Presentation. Click Apply.

  1. Click the session you’d like to view.

In the desktop app: Below the session description, you will see a video box in the bottom right corner. Enlarge the video by clicking the four arrows icon in the bottom right corner of the video box. 

In the mobile app: Below the speaker information, you will see a View button. Click View, and the video will pop up in a new window. Enlarge the video by clicking the four arrows icon in the bottom right corner of the video box. 

Trouble Logging In? 

Contact [email protected]

For general troubleshooting for online sessions, contact us using live chat.

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