TCEA Convention & Exposition

TCEA Convention & Exposition

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Drive business and build name recognition with an ad in our convention program, exhibit guide, digital app, quarterly magazine, or online newsletter. Cover placement sells out quickly, so don’t delay. Reserve your space today.


Circulation: All Convention Attendees

Attendees depend on the convention program during the week of the show and save it as a year-round reference guide. The program features a complete guide to the convention, including the educational program, facility maps, and exhibitor product listings and booth numbers.

The FINAL deadline for ad artwork to be submitted is December 17. However, please make your plans well before this date. Placements in key areas of the program fill up quickly.

Convention Program Ads

Double Page Spread $3,200
Outside Back Cover $3,000
Inside Front Cover $2,600
Inside Back Cover $2,600
Dividers Full Page $2,500
Full Page $2,000
½ Page $1,500


Program Ad Specs


Attendees increasingly rely on the free convention app for locating and bookmarking exhibitors, navigating sessions, and keeping up-to-date with news and events. Over 12,000 users downloaded the app in 2018, and click rates on ads and vendor information grew exponentially from the previous year. Use a banner ad or alert to offer giveaways, announce new products, or drive booth traffic.

Banner Ad – $1,000
Alert – $1,200

Limited availability. Please contact Susan Meyer ([email protected]) to schedule your ad.


Circulation: The TCEA Convention website had over half a million page views leading up to the 2018 convention.

All year long, educators, media personnel, and tech enthusiasts visit the convention website regularly for perusing the schedule, registration, and accessing important information. TCEA marketing emails and social media posts drive website traffic, making this marketing options as easy as it is impactful. Only two placements are available each month, so reserve your space early.

Sidebar Ad: $1,500/mo.
Dimensions: 200px by 150px


These limited-availability Email and Social Media Promotions are available only to current sponsors.

Tweet or Facebook post about your organization and/or convention participation to TCEA followers before, during, or after the convention.


One Occurrence : $1,000

Two Occurrences: $1,500

Three Occurrences: $2,250

Additional Occurrences: $750 each

Post/tweets can include a photo or graphic with text from your organization.


Blog post from your organization to be published on TechNotes, TCEA’s blog and online newsletter.

TechNotes is TCEA’s blog, which publishes daily during the school year and features cutting-edge information on current events, national education news, contest results, technology integration, great teaching, and more. We also offer a bimonthly online newsletter that compiles the most relevant blog content for targeted subscribers. TechNotes is packed with timely information, tips and tricks, and recommended tools that can save educators time and introduce them to new solutions.


Blog Sponsorship


Provide your product or service as a solution for educators’ needs by writing a sponsored blog post. Blogs should be editorial and still provide valuable resources for our readers but can provide outgoing links to your product.

Sidebar ads in the blog are also a fantastic option for getting your message in front of our blog readers. Your ad will appear on every page of the blog for a set period of time (no shorter than 2 weeks). The ads are hosted on our internal server, so they won’t be blocked by ad blockers.

Blog readership: Over 40,000 readers monthly.


Email Sponsorship


Each issue of the TechNotes newsletter offers one sponsorship opportunity. Your exclusive banner ad offers enormous value and visibility. These ads sell out quickly, especially in the months before the TCEA Convention & Exposition.

Circulation: Bimonthly, 20,000 subscribers.


Circulation: Quarterly, All TCEA Members

Reach the country’s most technology-savvy educators by advertising in TechEdge, TCEA’s quarterly magazine, which is distributed both in print and digital formats. The magazine is a favorite member benefit, sharing best practices, success stories, and information on new trends in products and pedagogy. Placements start at $300 per insertion and most advertisers renew their commitment year after year.

Half Page $1,560
Full Page $2,470

TechEdge Ad Specs

Advertising Contact and Submission

Additional advertising opportunities available. For more information on these advertising options, or to customize an advertising package for your company, contact:

Susan Meyer
[email protected]
(512) 450-5440