Experience the TCEA Convention & Exposition

Why do thousands of educators choose to attend every year?

There are plenty of conferences and conventions around for educators. Sure, TCEA is a well-known, respected, and impactful educational conference, but why should you attend? Here’s what TCEA offers you.

An experience you need with speakers you’ll love.

Influential leaders in education will be ready to inspire, uplift, and guide you in the essential trends, tools, techniques, research, and technology. Maybe you’ll find what you’re looking for, and maybe you’ll find what you didn’t know you needed.

Freedom to grow your way with a customizable schedule.
800+ sessions in five different formats offer you limitless options for building a tailor-made schedule using the TCEA app. Learn exactly what you want to learn and embrace having full control of your PD.
A network of educators to remind you – you’re not alone.
You’ll be surrounded by thousands of supportive educators who understand you. Connect, share struggles and successes, swap ideas, and stay in touch. Then, look forward to seeing each other again year after year.
Make confident decisions with insights gained from exhibitors.
The Exhibit Hall is an attendee favorite for a reason. Meet industry experts showcasing an extensive variety of education and technology-related products and services. Discuss your needs, see demonstrations, and try out some tech!
Never lack support. Ever. With a free TCEA membership.
Join a community of more than 75,000 educators representing all 50 states and 105 countries for FREE when you register. Stay connected to a solid-gold network, get your questions answered, ask for advice, and learn about new tools.
Be lifted higher by a vibrant, delicious, and creative city.
Austin, Texas is the perfect place for tacos, technology, teachers, and tourism! Enjoy live music, the great outdoors, the best food around, and all the “weird” this incredible city has to offer. And with a Saturday start, you’ll get the full weekend experience.

Imagine yourself after TCEA.

You wake up in San Antonio, Texas, and you step out onto the balcony of your hotel just off the beautiful River Walk.

Walking out the door at the convention center, you’re feeling good. Fulfilled. Energized! You understand what that “TCEA rush of discovery” feels like because you experienced it. You laughed a lot, you did a lot of learning and connecting, and you had some fun in Austin.

You got what you needed, your something new, and you’re ready to head back. But you’re also sad to leave.

Maybe you’re a technology director who found a budget-friendly cybersecurity solution aligned with your strategic plan to keep student data and critical assets protected.
Or you’re a librarian who’s discovered new tech tools for making your library more accessible, and you’re ready to see underserved students grow their love of reading.
You might be a high school teacher who’s embraced a new way students can use their cell phones to show their learning in class instead of being distracted by social media in class.
You could be an instructional coach who’s loaded up on strategies and resources for offering more engaging PD to teachers and found a better way to manage coaching cycles!
Perhaps you’re an elementary teacher who discovered the perfect tool for monitoring reading fluency progress and a brilliant method for running classroom tech-based literacy stations.
Or you could be a school leader who had an “aha moment” about a more effective way to communicate constructively with your team to build trust and get positive results.
“It was just amazing– the energy everyone gave off. And I learned SO many neat and amazing things to bring back to my school district. It was overall a WONDERFUL experience as a professional.”

– Kathryn

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