TCEA Convention & Exposition

TCEA Convention & Exposition

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Past Featured Presenters

Each year TCEA Convention & Exposition showcases recognized experts in educational technology, pedagogy, and leadership. Below are a few of our past presenters.

Past TCEA Keynote and Featured Presenter Highlights


Shabnam Mogharabi

CEO and Executive Producer at SoulPancake,
TCEA 2017 Opening Keynote

Charles Best

Founder and CEO,,
TCEA 2016 Opening Keynote

Bill Nye

Scientist, Engineer, Comedian, and Author,
TCEA 2015 Opening Keynote

Nadia Lopez

Founder and Principal of Mott Hall Bridges Academy, TCEA 2017 Closing Keynote

Barrington Irving

Pilot and Educator,
TCEA 2016 Closing Keynote

John Quiñones

Emmy Award-winning co-anchor or ABC’s Primetime, TCEA 2014 Closing Keynote