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You need effective tools that engage students and enhance your curriculum. That why TCEA’s annual convention showcases more than 1,000 informative learning opportunities, access to the latest ed tech resources from hundreds of exhibitors, and countless opportunities for networking. Discover innovative strategies and best practices for integrating technology into classrooms, campuses, and libraries for district-wide success.

It’s more than just professional development. It’s an opportunity to work with the brightest minds in education to build a vision for the future of teaching and learning.


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Content For All Educators

You make sure that the pace and variety of learning meets the needs of your students. That’s why TCEA Convention & Exposition is designed to engage you in the formats you need, on the topics you care about — and in ways that work for you. A diversity of sessions, events, speakers, and formats allow you to customize an experience sure to spark your passion and give you actionable ideas and resources. Everyone learns differently, and TCEA is here to create effective, exciting learning, that is just for YOU.

Education Innovators

Sharing a vision for the future of teaching and learning requires the ability to articulate that future, engage stakeholders, and inspire educators and ed tech enthusiasts to help build it. At the 2020 TCEA Convention & Exposition, you’ll find a wide array of featured presenters and keynote speakers, each bringing their unique spin to the biggest trends, techniques, and technology in education.

450+ Exhibitors

Industry leaders come to this event for you. Get up close with the latest devices, programs, applications, and more, all while interacting face-to-face with experts and company representatives. We’ve put together an exhibition showcasing hundreds of innovations, and we’re inviting you to explore it.

Engaged Learning

Forget “sit and get.” Educators who love ed tech know that some of the most effective learning is hands-on and practical. That’s why we strive for an immersive event with engaging content, from keynote presentations to professional networking. TCEA has a strand, sessions, or even a playground that’s right for you. We’re bringing together a community investing in the future of learning. Join us.

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The 2020 TCEA Convention & Exposition makes it easy to contribute your vision and learn from others. We offer multiple registration options to help campus and district administrators, teachers, librarians, and educators of all kinds be a part of five content-filled days. Reserve your place among them.

“TCEA offers like-minded techie educators the opportunity to network, share resources, develop solutions, and meet new friends.”

-Brandey A.