TCEA 2023 Speakers

Scott Bricker

Education Changemaker

Scott Bricker is the founder of AweFull Learning, an organization aimed at revolutionizing education across the U.S. by refocusing on the awe, wonder, and curiosity that make lifelong learning the driving force in our world. During his 20-plus years in high school classrooms, Scott inspired students to find the fun in learning math and encouraged teachers to rethink the structure and flow of their practice by leveraging the power of technology, the latest research from neuroscience, and Mind-Brain-Teaching best practices.

Scott is an experienced speaker and presenter who loves sharing thought-provoking ideas with audiences everywhere. He enjoys motivating attendees to reflect and focus on the “WHY” behind everything they do, especially as it pertains to learning and teaching. He recently presented the pedagogy and best practices behind blended learning, assessments and grading, and strategies for the modern classroom. Scott has created a series of sessions on using the latest neuroscience research to guide the process of modernizing teaching methods and practices. Other topics Scott regularly speaks on include Microsoft tools, assessment, teacher preparation and training, team building, SEL, technology integration, and best practices for effective technology use in the classroom.

After 22 wonderful years in the classroom and around the school campus, Scott now focuses on being an EDU changemaker across the country. He looks forward to sharing his passion and goals for education with as many students, teachers, and schools as possible. Scott is the co-host of the vodcast “Live w/US Microsoft EDU” and is also a co-host of The Teacher Connection webinar series. He is an active member MIE-Expert and Showcase School Communities, an MIEE Fellow, and a former Microsoft Showcase School Leader.

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