TCEA 2023 Speakers

Joe Dombrowski

Comedian and Teacher

An educator giving a spelling test with imaginary words may not seem like the most traditional method of promoting learning. But there isn’t much that can be considered conventional in the classroom of Joe Dombrowski, otherwise known as– Mr. D.

Since his teaching career began, Dombrowski had been routinely posting creative, innovative, and fun ideas he executed in his fourth grade classroom to his social media channels. But one post, in particular, captured the hearts of 20 million people: the April Fool’s Prank seen around the world. In a matter of days, the viral video made its way to Good Morning America, had its own “Twitter Moment,” and moved on to The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Upon graduating with a Bachelor of Science in elementary education from Central Michigan University, Dombrowski took up a residency as an improv comedy artist at Go Comedy Improv Theater. His comedic timing and improv studies have certainly translated into the classroom, making the curriculum relatable and less intimidating. He continued this residency through his graduation from Oakland University with a Masters in Educational Leadership.

Dombrowski has also been highlighted on the Pickler & Ben show, where he discussed his love for education and his humorous teaching style. Dombrowski speaks internationally to crowds from all walks of life, helping them reconnect to the joy of life through laughter. Joe tours with his stand-up comedy show “Indoor Recess” and also hosts his own podcast called “Study Hall with Mr.D,” which covers a range of topics. He can be found on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter as @mrdtimes3, and on YouTube as Joe Dombrowski.

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