Educators working with Special Student Populations:

Unlock a new world of learning.

You are a fierce advocate. You work hard to develop plans and provide accommodations, differentiation, intervention, and special education services to support your students’ learning. Not only that, but you also partner with parents, guardians, teachers, and other staff to ensure students’ education rights are being upheld in equitable and inclusive ways. Your work is meaningful, and it’s not easy. We want to connect you with current, research-based tools, strategies, and resources to promote your work and positively impact your students.

“I was able to make contact with other session attendees afterward to bounce ideas off of each other. In the current climate, to be able to connect with others in this way, was a gift.”


All the ideas. All in one place.

Join us in Dallas to gather an abundance of content and ideas from our world-class Thought Leaders in relevant sessions focused on:

  • Accessibility
  • ESL / ELL
  • Gifted and Talented
  • Special Education
  • Digital Literacy
  • Assessment and Data
  • Inclusive Classrooms
  • Social-Emotional Learning
  • Classroom Management
  • ELAR
  • Tech Tools
  • and more

You will also be able to:

Discover ideas, resources, and tools to support learning for special needs, ELL, GT, and bilingual students

Explore methods and strategies for incorporating SEL in your classroom to support students’ wellbeing and improve learning outcomes

Discover valid and trusted resources and research to help you learn about and guide conversations around equity, diversion, and inclusion

Connect with other SPED professionals and build meaningful relationships in meetups, roundtable discussions, and unique interactive experiences

Access the latest in ed tech and get the most up-to-date solutions from industry experts and vendors in our robust exhibit hall

Discover learning made just for you.

Whether you are attending all four days of the convention or packing as much learning as possible into just a few, your time at the 2022 TCEA Convention & Exposition will be filled with innovative presentations, incredible opportunities for connection, and valuable experiences. Plus, this year we are offering two distinct online session packages focusing on Bridging the Learning Gap and Social-Emotional Learning that you can watch through March 11.

“Variety of sessions – I liked that there were many options to choose from and provided things I didn’t even know I wanted to learn about.”

-Elanor D.